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About Us

Axis Softech is leading Travel Technology Company of India; the company has its presence in market since 2005.Axis Softech provides integrated online travel portal products for offline travel agents and agencies to transform their travel business online. Axis Softech is an ISO 9001:2008 and SEM CMMI Level-3 Travel Technology Company so we follow all quality standards and processes in development process of Travel Softwares. Travel and Tourism Industry has seen a remarkable growth over last few years so there is huge scope in travel and tourism industry for offline travel agencies. Axis Softech Pvt Ltd offers all types online travel solutions; we have Seven B2C, One B2B and One B2E online travel portal products rolled under the brand name "Safari". Our travel portal products are designed for each size of travel agency so that small scale agencies can also enjoy the privilege of online travel business. According to latest research reports travel and tourism industry will grow with pace of more than 8% in 2016 and India will be among top three nation after America and China. Government of India has taken several measures to promote tourism in India such as Incredible India Campaign, measures to train people how to behave with international tourist, e-visa scheme, visa on arrival and several promotional campaign act as catalyst for this industry. Fares and Commissions play crucial part in Travel and Tourism industry; these agencies generate revenue by commission only so Axis Softech takes utmost care and provides best commissions and fares from our travel portal products industry wide which is USP of our travel products and sets apart from other travel technology companies. Axis Softech has tailored online travel portal products which we can deliver within 5-6 business days and where you can start your own portal of your travel agency.

Our Versatile range of "safari" online Travel Portal Products

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Safari B2B

Safari B2E

Axis Softech has delivered more than 80 Travel Portal Products Globally